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The green eyed apricot skinned beauty next to me, with leaking breasts that were at least 5 gallons each, was the leader of that race.They had come to Earth and abducted me to learn about ambition, a quality alien to them.Trying out my elongated tongue as she sat at the foot of the bed.It being our first time I thought I should go down on her first.I’d be more than happy to continue sucking your wonderful cock, but I feel like I should switch.

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When it was clear I was not going to answer, First continued. Of course in a race with no ambition no one would want to be the leader. I noticed this time how the door was much larger than it had been when I was smaller.If this dark-skinned vixen had a new body, then she was no doubt being affected by my pheromones, which I was told were permeating throughout the ship.I had no way of knowing if that was the reason why she seemed completely ok with my becoming the new leader.I was a still a little overwhelmed and by First’s responses to many things, and her alien outlook, but I had learned to adjust quickly in my life.“Well, we can do that in a bit, but I wanted to talk to you some more about your interest in ambition.” “Oh, that” she said, a little disappointed. On my planet many times one person’s ambition is used by others.” She looked a little confused at that. “A person that is the head of a group will often direct that group based on their own wants and desires. ” I knew with my phonemes heavy in the air First would have difficulty getting upset with me.First responded quickly, “That it’s time for me to get a new body?


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