Adult 16

You are looking for a Lego Set that will not look like it was meant for a child to play with once it is built, am I right?

I have found some really cool Lego sets for the 16 crowd.

Adult 16-20Adult 16-12Adult 16-26Adult 16-73

Over the years I have seen the Lego Group release more and more intricate Lego Sets for the Older Fans Of Lego, a lot of these sets have 16 on the box and in some countries that age is known as “a young adult” so that is why sets such as these are more attractive to the more mature adult Lego Fans.

It will include the base of the building along with minarets, domes, finials, arches and front stairs.

A most incredibly detailed set for the serious Lego builder.

These lego sets are very very detailed in appearance Not only are they detailed to look at but are advanced in the creation of the finished product.

There is enough difficulty to them to make them fun for the adult to build.


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