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They constantly have to re-assure themselves that they’ve “still got it” and are desired by other women.They make the decision to be with “good girls,” because they don’t have to worry about being cheated on, but at the same time the women they’re with won’t satisfy their needs in the bedroom. Due to their insecure nature, these men could NEVER be with what I call, the “crazy, sexy, cool” girls. Because she doesn’t “need them” for The Dilemma Are we in high school or are we adults?Cost: Quarterly membership starts at 0 and events are extra.The BK Hookup Probably the only Brooklyn event where you won't run into Marty Markowitz, these singles parties are as quirky as they come.Who's it for: Alternative 20-somethings with a Brooklyn orientation. Meet Market Adventures Finding true love on a firing range?Anything's possible when you sign up at this site for "adventurous" singles.

"We don't play match-maker; if you like hiking, great, if you meet someone while hiking, that's even better," says Scott Angarola, its New York director.

And for the record, I do know of CSC girls that have eventually found love.

To wrap it up, here’s my dating advice: with all of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ that men put out, it’s hard to say if we’re ever seeing things clearly, but at the end of the day I truly believe that knowing is half the battle.

Pros: With 30,000 singles in its database, there's a good chance you'll find a Dirty Harry who can make your day.

Cons: There is no screening process, although Angarola claims, "that's part of the adventure." Who's it for: Active professionals, age 25 to 45. An all-day flying lesson, which includes round-trip van transportation, is 9.99.


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