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It seems counterproductive to trade their only serviceable starter, but that may be the logical move if regression strikes before July 31.

In spite of walking 32 batters over 60.2 innings, Wade Miley owns a 2.82 ERA far below his 4.39 FIP.

Even if his strikeout gains stick, the Braves should use those extra K's to their advantage.

Although common in the stock market, it's a cold way to analyze living, breathing MLB players working tirelessly to hone their skills. Others are byproducts of tangible changes in approach and training.Rafael Devers will patrol third base one day, and Pablo Sandoval's struggles may expedite the premier prospect's arrival. Batting .356/.430/.693 in Single-A, the 21-year-old is ready to go against more advanced pitchers.They won't all have a future in Boston's batting order, especially with Sam Travis looming at first base, and team president Dave Dombrowski has aggressively exchanged young talent for marquee contributors.A couple of cases take liberty with improbable hypothetical scenarios that would require a lot of guts to execute.On paper, dangling the following 30 players make sense for their respective teams.A few meet all the trade criteria as an overperforming player with an expiring contract on a team with vanishing playoff aspirations.


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