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Original albumen photo measures 4 x 6 on 6 x 8 mount provides great detail of Keeper William H. The Rocky Point station was completed and "manned for duty" in 1896 near Rocky Point, Long Island Sound, about four miles northerly from Greenport. In January 1919, filled with over 2000 troops returning from the War, the Northern Pacific approached the port of New York traveling at a moderate rate of speed, but she grounded on a sand bar off Fire Island about a.m. Large waves continuously rolled in and washed away one of the Northern Pacifics lifeboats from its position high on its superstructure. Probably taken shortly after the station was constructed. Original photo measures 6 x 8 and shows the four masted barque high and dry on the beach while locals sit on the beach examining the vessel. After going aground in storm and fog, she lay for about two weeks so near the shore that it was possible at low tide to reach, dry-shod, the rope ladder hanging over her side. Large photo on original mat measures 7 x 9 and provides a fine, early view of the light station at Eatons Neck with the keeper posing in front of the light tower. Henry Osmers fills the void with a chronicle that is thorough and appealing. New York State Lighthouses explores the great lighthouse heritage of New York State. Filled with stories and photos never before presented, as well as architectural plans and more. Booklet includes chapters on lightship history, design and technology, LV No. Clear, close image shows great detail of the tower fog signal buildings, etc.

Extremely rare photograph color copy negative shows Coast Guard Warrant Officer Alanson C. Negative measures 4 x 5 and should produce a very good print. The Potunk Station was still active in 1935, but was already inactive by the time of the 1938 Hurricane, when it was totally destroyed.

Many of the photos have the mens' names identified on the back.

Fine clear image features this 1875-Type station in the Southampton area. Behind can be seen the drill pole, surfboat and other equipment. Included are large 8 x 10 and smaller photo Rocky Point LSS, c.1920 view crew at Southampton LSS, 6 photos of old and new Shinnecock LSS and CG stations (before being washed away in the 1938 hurricane), 3 views of surfmen, etc. In this interesting chronicle, the author provide a station by station look at the buildings, the crews and the rescues they performed that make them such a unique and unforgettable piece of our history.

Includes large 8x10 c.1930s photo of light station, small 3x5 photo, and 4 large copy photos including one of the light tower as it fell during demolition. I have once again found a copy of this long out of print work by Mr. Filling a longtime void in the chronicles of the Life-Saving Service on Long Island, this book is the result of decades of research. View is a copy photo or contact print from glass negative and measures 3 x 5. Note the Keeper in the center of the first row holding the leather gunners haversack. Jensen was keeper at Eatons Neck from 1917 until 1942.

Very interesting lot from the estate of retired Long Island CWO4 includes 6 original and copy photos, and 5 research documents relating to the history of the two Shinnecock lighthouses. Clear close view shows this 1875-Type station in the Southampton area as the crew poses on the boat ramp, possibly the Mecox station. All of the men are identified on the back with information given by the son of one of the men pictured (George Clark). I." The image itself is in very good condition, edges of mat page with small chips and moisture staining to extreme edge of page, but does not affect photo at all. A descendent of Keeper Jensen wrote to advise that the keeper in this image was her father, Keeper Arthur Oskar Johan Jensen. Note to his right is a Francis Metallic Life Car sitting on blocks on the sand.


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