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Now, I feel like I am finally free to focus on the things in my life that really matter,” Johnson said at the time in a statement to People magazine. Last year, he was convicted of reckless driving after admitting to cops he had been drag racing along a highway.

Two people were reportedly hospitalized with injuries and one car involved was left in a horrifying wreck.

I didn't cheat on my ex-husband and we didn't have kids, but I did ask for a divorce and he begrudgingly gave one to me.

He got mad that I started dating again right after we signed the papers, and in a part revenge/part loneliness act, decided to have a fling with my sister.

I was once told that I was the reason that stepmothers get such a bad rap in Disney movies. I’d written an essay about my complicated relationship with a divorced father of three, and in it I’d admitted to the occasional bout of jealousy in the beginning of our relationship.

I wrote that sometimes, I couldn’t help but feel a little left out of the things I wasn’t allowed to participate in yet: vacations, the kids’ sports games, birthday dinners.

“I feel relieved and thankful now that this stressful situation is coming to an end.

I was honest throughout this entire painful experience, and I have no regrets.

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The 25-year-old Johnson, who plays for the Dallas Wings, is now dating 30-year-old Christopher Fry, according to Daily Mail Online.

Fry lives in Seymour, Tenn., a short drive from Johnson’s parents’ home in Knoxville, Tenn.

Social media activity depicts the lovebirds together since February, but Fry’s parents now have confirmed to the Daily Mail Online that they are together. Johnson and Griner were arrested last April on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct after police were called to their suburban Phoenix home to break up a domestic disturbance.

A source told Us Weekly: "Elin flies to LA on her private plane a lot.

Girlfriend wants to spend xmas with Ex boyfriend's family Hi all, I am in a long distance relationship for over a year.


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