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It is really important to learn more about this matter: (written by Krystyna, for free) You find more information in my video tutorial: Recognizing Ukrainian and Russian online dating scam “Hi Krystyna, I am very glad to have found your blog.

Let me tell you, though, half of these are the product of the guys imagination.Of course I am very handsome and in good athletic condition .Is there any way to verify her identity, her place of work, whether she is a serial scammer, etc..I have been corresponding via email for 60 days with a 34 yr old woman in Ukraine and on the edge of sending money, but have hesitated just for all the reasons typical of scams.I am older by 30 yrs than her and why would she desire an older guy except for money.You can search by hair color, eye color, favorite food even. Paid dating sites (at least the good ones) are very strict about not allowing scammers.


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