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A December 2011 report by the 500 companies women account for just 7.5 percent of top earners, and only 3.6 percent of those companies’ CEOs are women.

Kugler says that, among employers, there’s a widespread but unexpressed belief that women cannot fully commit to job responsibilities, work-related travel and time away from home.

It followed the lead of the civil rights movement, as well as the mounting protests against the Vietnam War.

“You know,” Kugler says, “the sound of a beautiful instrument should be the same whether it’s played by a man or a woman.

But the employer has stereotypes about what kind of a commitment a woman is willing to make.” To make it easier for a woman to commit to her job, especially when trying to juggle work and family, existing laws need to be updated, some observers say.

C., “but I don’t think they’re the end of the conversation by any means.

They’re a good baseline structure that establishes the crucial principle that women are entitled to equal treatment on the job.” For example, Martin recently testified at an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hearing on pregnancy discrimination, which was ostensibly outlawed in 1978.


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