Depressed dating website

I don't think you need to go into great detail about things just that you have been unwell in the past but things are under control now.I think mental health is such a misunderstood area and its a shame because the majority of humans suffer with some form of mental health problem during a life time - be it anxiety, reactive depression, anger issues, eating problems etc etc I wish you every success in your dating - I am sure your special lady is out there somewhere - good luck I'm not sure I'd say it was a shallow aspect.Although it's possible to meet someone who would understand this.It's also hard going on someone's soul when a partner has a no interest in life or possibly at times their other half.

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The point is, poster no.10, that with medication and regular psychiatric follow up a clinically depressed person is unlikely to be those things you describe. I think there are money people in the public eye who suffer with depression and carry on with a normal life.I'm sorry to hear that OP - but it sounds like you are in a very good place right now and have things under control.I think understanding your own condition makes you confident in keeping things under control and when to seek help.I couldnt honestly say what a potential girlfriend would think of it.. just because I think that way though doesnt mean that other people day someone will come along who will be perfect for you.I am far from being the most compassionate or sympathetic person in the world and I really don't think I would want to have to develop those traits.


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