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Let the quirkyalone version of this conversation begin in the comments. Join us and have your first tangasm in Buenos Aires. She’s been reading him for longer than me, so I’ll let her do the heavy lifting of distilling his advice: One of my friends suggested I register at his website.Since then, I’ve been getting extremely annoying emails about how to “CATCH and KEEP” a man, like he’s a freakin’ trout or something. Don’t sleep with a guy “too soon” (time frame not included–so just guess) 2.But when it isn’t happening for some guys, they immediately jump to a devastating conclusion: “There must be something wrong with me.” If you’re a guy who’s suffering from this state of mind right now, I’ve got news for you: Without the right “inner game” attitude (also known as how you feel about yourself on the inside), it’s almost impossible to succeed with women, or anything else in life.But the good news is that taking just a few simple steps can change everything.

Just stick to imagining some ways that you’ll be different once you’re sharing your life with a great woman.In my case, a few years back I realized that “Future Me” (that guy who’s finally successful with women) would need a more easygoing attitude and to be more comfortable in his own skin.He’d need to be more willing to take risks, and to say and do things outside of his “comfort zone.” Above all, he’d need a better sense of humor.and then the kind of person they need to “become” to achieve it.Sounds deceptively simple, but try it…close your eyes and imagine how the version of “you” who’s successful with women be different than the “you” that exists today.I could see this was a psychological master who knew how to manipulate an audience.


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