Main Characters/Pairings: Damon, Elena, Stefan and Damon/Elena, very, very little Stefan/Elena Rating: It's a T, like the usual.Damon-ness, sexually suggestive content, and snarky comebacks.Damon smirked at the thought as he got to the front doors of the boarding house, hatching a plan, also as he listened to the bickering couple upstairs."Stefan! I have asked you to tell me the truth, a hundred times, maybe a thousand!

She paid for the stuff and then walked back to her car, while muttering things under her breath about Stefan and his stupidness. " Elena asked as she tried to step around him quickly, but her path was blocked again.

It's more of an introduction to the story, just getting the stuff figured out, so review telling me what you think!

Brittney Elena Brittney Elena is the gorgeous model girlfriend of NBA star, Kevin Durant.

John's eyes went wide and he looked at her confused. Damon smirked as he thought about his plan, leave town for a month or two, come back, see if Elena's dating his brother, and if not, sweep her off her feet.

He first had to say goodbye to his favorite little human, maybe get her more aggravated, and give her the bag that she forgot when she stormed out of the house.


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