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Differences such as age become irrelevant and people will surprise you time and time again. Lucky Lake Hostel in Amsterdam Breaking news: Hostelworld recommends staying in a hostel.You’ll quickly learn that there are interesting people in every bus, café, bookshop or club; everyone has something to offer if you give them a chance. Seriously though, this is the best way to meet people while travelling solo; you simply can’t beat the social aspect of staying in a hostel.For all you solo female travellers out there worried about unwanted attention, Backpackr even lets you configure your settings so that only other female travellers can contact you.Alternatively, give Tourlina a spin – it’s the first female only app that helps you meet people to travel with.If you’re looking for a unique dining experience that will help you meet both locals and other travellers, then our friends at Vizeat have just the ticket.From wine tasting on a Parisian rooftop to pasta making classes in Rome, there’s a foodie event to suit every taste.And you’ll be sharing your trip with a busload of awesome travellers looking to get off the beaten track and have fun together. @emma.v.martell If you love a good party, and want to meet locals while travelling then the ‘Party with a Local’ app is a MUST.The app connects you with party-loving locals in almost any destination, helping you avoid the overpriced tourist bars and clubs.

You’ll soon come to realise it’s the people you meet along the way who make travel such a rewarding experience.

As fun and liberating as solo travel can be, every now and again it can be nice to be part of a group again and not have to make all the plans by yourself.

If you’ve been travelling alone for a while, you may want to consider joining a group tour for a few weeks.

Just don’t forget to return the favour when you’re back in your hometown for good backpacker karma and the perfect antidote to the post-travel blues. @teejayhughes This is by far the most important one: stop worrying.

Most people who are travelling are open-minded and want to meet new people.


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