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The shame is on those who misused the power of the Common- weailth. Co:i- sequently we talritain and America; but they ignore the r)aron von Can«tein Society in Halb (i/io) and the early foreign mission in- stitutions of Francke in Halle and of the Danes in Copenhagen, to say nothing of Hugo Grotius, and of Peter Heiling in Abvssinia. He was also a member of the Union League and of the Phila- delphia and Germantown Cricket Clubs.

with such a.stonishing certifi- cates on r&cord of their integrity." Haiston, Snyder an'd i Shumaker knowing the good they endeavored to do and accompll-ih, need have no sense cf s;hame and do not re- quire your isympathy. The Demociat would take iswue wit;h any writer that would attempt to malve liim apjrear as such. Changes clipped from an ex- ber of the l^hiladclphia Bar and known as the "'father of Ameri- can cricket," died at the summer home of his son-in-law, Owen W'ister, the novelist, at Saunderstown, R. Wister was one of the best of active business men of a generation back, and still held his connection with many of his interests.

not even William Penn and Robert Mon-is were likewise sent to jail by the foolisli of their day. r.esides holding the distinction of be- ing one of the oldest members of the bar and among the oldest living alumni of the University of i'ennsylvania, x Mr.

452 The "Good" Family 457 The Pastorius Protest and the Real Be- ginning of the German Immigra- tion — A Reply to H. is 'bri^ught before them * * * I now proposie to speak * * * it shall he an effort to i-eadh the tiiith * * * j intend that those both now and hereafter who care to be inforaied and to be correct in the.'ir conclusions shall 'have the benefit of such information a.s I possess." After a unique discussion of the subject and defense of the offici-alisl convicted of ga-aft t;lije wr-ter says: "Never before in the history of the world, £0 far as I know, were criminals imiiu-'sone'd. Wister was of the old German- town family, descendants of Johann Casper ^^'ister, who emigrated from Ger- many in col Duial times, and became :i leading hg'ure in the early history of the nation.

German S'tinginess 156 A Kansas Utopia 15 3 Stories of John Fritz 15 7 Kansas Judges of German Stock 157 German Standards 169 Punishment of Crime 177 Hamburg Boy 177 Lutheran Cliurch-Oigan ]84\/ A Pool Apologist 227 Germans and M. Church 227 Retain Old Gprman Names 228 Nachrichten Des V. 230 German Literature in America 230 What is Moravianistn? County Superintendents 233 Germans and Music 233 Germany Not Slow 234 Historic Trappe 23* Mennonite Missions in Virginia 2o9 The Christian College 261 Das Deutsche Haus 268 Fake Fortunes 279 ^Woman's Sphere 324 Socialism and the Church 324 Religious Situation in Germany 325 M'irage of the Map 325 ». 522 Baseball Against Decalogue 522 The Krupp Centenary 522 The Pennsylvania Patriarch 523 The Coming Battle 533 *»Dr. Hero 561 Aim of Lutheran Colleges 586 San Francisco's Religious Problem.... He was one of the founders of the National Bank of Germantown, and had been for many years a director of the old ''Hand-in-Hand'' Fire Insurance Company, the oldest in America, known by the more dignified title of the Phila- delphia Contributionship of the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire. ^'ster ,)f Germantown, a mem- change, has its counter- l)art in the history of many a community in eastern Pennsvlvania. "IMorc than 125 years ago an entcr- ])rising' man by the name of Trnmp, noting- 'the wasting of the power of the )lace where the stuft is to be purchased and gets it. or how ihany there are in the party he orders his own drink and i)ays for it, and the others may do as they ])lease, either drink or refrain therefrom, but if they do indulge it is understood tluit each man lays his own reckoning. The re- sult of this is that l)efi)le of the Lehigh Val- ley. Fritz says: "In this short i)reface 1 wish to tell my friends wdio read this bo;)k how it was that 1 came to write it. They deserve the plaudits of the country for the innumerable blessings they liave conferred in performing the great amount of mental and [)hysical la- bor necessary in accomplishing the mar- velous changes and w is a ^'*y cross-section of Ger- many just as the Ameri- can city is a cross-section of America. The most obvious thing about the .\merican citdy of .settlers. The German city on the other hand, was either a fortress, a llauptstadt, or an industrial community, like the cities of the lower Rhine in the neighlorhoo I of Essen. or i Jarmen, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Cologne, Mannheim. Straussburg were the seats of kingdom, princijialities, or bishoprics. Much of that which we admire in the (^ierman city is traceable to age. ^ Garman The Publishers" Guide Newspapers for December has an article on German Pa- pers in America bv Carl Lorenz, Editor of the "W'acchtcr und Anzeiger,"' Cleve- land, Ohio, from which we quote : "Tn saving a few wy a ring of contractors who i)hmdered the city.

Pa 11 Death of Otto Ringling 66 Philadelphia, n Musical Center 66 Hon. Germans in Virginia 77 "Kansas Girl Farmers 77 The German Elections 146 The Kaiser in American Politics 147 Munsterberg on Patriotism 147 " Tlie Germanic in Americanism 14 8 Dress in Mennonite Church 149 T.,a Follette on Geimans 150 Divergence of Lutheran Views 150 Berger, the Socialist 151 Wisconsin Items 151 Anglo-Saxonism 152 Growth of Lutheran Churches 153 Kaiser's Philosophy 153 How Germans Watch Trade 154 Germans in Kentucky 154 Kaiser a Business Man 155 Albert Ballin 155 Penna. A 2^9 Kerche\al Reprinted 229 The Great Game 229 A M'uhlenherg Painting Being Made.... Denominational Schools 520 To Regulate Treating 521 Life Insurance 521 Virginia's Anti-Treating Bill. 590 Jahn and Gymnastics 591 The Legend of Barbara Fritchie 592 Modern Language Teaching 593 The Mortgage Bank 593 Unchaining the Tiger 594 . 687 True Courtesy in Germany 687 Die Deutsche Sprache 717 Indiana's Prominent Gejrmans .' 730 Early Moravian Missionaries 736 AVIiy Destroy Historical Evidence? He served in City Councils, and as solicitor for the Giranl estate a number of years. some uiic to tcil us ihc slory of ihc okl fashioned linseed oil mill of fifty or more vears ago in eastern Pennsylvania? and if a dozen men go into a barroom the chances are that each menil)i'r of tin party will drink 12 times, wlien in fact he wanted te) do so only once. Vou must not expect fine language or cli Miuent periods, but only the honest record of the hard-working life of one who loves 'his coimtry and his fellowmen, and who lias tried to serve both." The dedication follow.s : "This book is dedicated to the loyal, able, brave and fearless men who so faith fidly stood by nu- throughout my career. in whatever capacity employed, 1 am ever grateful, and 1 should like to call each one by name and to thank them per- sonally, from the depth of my heart, for their most valuable assistance and for the uniform kindness they have ever shown me. The m(.)Sl obvious thing about the Ger,- man city is its orderliness. Bremen and Lubeck were free Hanseatic towns, owing allegiance to no one — proud of their mediaeval traditions and jealous of their freedom.

Then follow ten carefully drawn sections, by which ])rovisi()n i^ made for the annual meetings of Ihc contributors of an endowment fund of 800 p(3un(ls then raised, "on the second Monday of the month of March in each year forever;" for the election of ad- ministrative officers, styled trustees, by the contributors of the finul, and such others of whatever religious s(x:iety as might thereafter contribute; defining the 12 Priil JC SCHOOL .

mit Stoltz und Grenugtuung, denn Ihrc her- vorragende scciale Position wlrd auch wcrf- entlioh dazu beitragen, das :3tand(si J the prosperity and welfare of every coni- munity, which can he accomplished in n^* way better better than by the ostahlishuient of schools under wise and proper regula- tions adapted to such undertaking;" and a farther n-cital i;)f the s])ecial rea- sons moving tliem to tlie adoption of the system.

875 First American Missionaries 885 M'arking the Braddock Triii . Now comes .\dmiral Chadwiek, com- mander of the battleship New York, and Admiral Sampson's chief of T, to vin- dicate the genius as well as the skill of Admiral Schley. civilized country, a beautiful piece of architecture and containing masterpieces of art.

”Miliardarul fără chip” este probabil cel mai bogat român, dar locuieşte într-un hotel de 2 stele abandonat şi…

This document is still preserved among the Schwenkfelder archives, and a copy thereof is contained in No.

Not long ago it mi'.have been likened to Little Rock. Frankfort has a PODulation e(|ual to that of Kansas Cits.

As a manufacturing and dis- tributing center it takes high rank among the commercial cities of the world, with a population of about 175,000. In order to mee: the increased requirements of river traffic, a new harbor, including about nine miles of (|uay walls and the opening of a basin of 500 acres, is being con- .«itructeil at Lrankfort-on-t'he-Main at a cost of .,600.00:).


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