Intimidating witnesses sentence

Nobody fucked with Jimmy Burke, nobody dared fucked with him or challenged him in any way.

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Jimmy was as tough as they come, he was the toughest, and the most ruthless, and the most vicious motherfucker you'd ever meet in your life, he killed a lot of people, and he had a lot of people killed.Jimmy was already a hitman for the Lucchese Crime Family when he was 16 years old.Jimmy was the type of guy that would take you out to dinner and smile at you then kill you for dessert, he would look at you straight in the eyes while he would stab you to death with an ice pick multiple times in the heart, and thats how vicious, ruthless and psychotic jimmy was. If there was just the littlest amount of trouble, he'd be all over you in a second.He remained close to the Burke family and visited his adoptive mother and father each Mother's Day, Christmas and on their birthdays.On a monthly basis he would send them several thousand dollars in an unmarked envelope as appreciation for their attempt at raising him.Jimmy was a loose-cannon, he was a bloodthirsty and predatory serial killer, and he was a homicidal maniac. Jimmy wouldn't hesitate to kill or go to war with anyone and anybody that stood in his way or that crossed him. Jimmy literally scared the scary guys, there was some of the most toughest and vicious motherfuckers that was petrified of Jimmy Burke.


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