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If I were in San Francisco, I probably wouldn’t have cared at all, or if I did, it would have only been a little.It was more that I had never been in a situation where I had to deal with stigma before.I think that there’s a lot of stigma out there, and I disagree with Laverne Cox saying that it’s more stigma for straight men dating trans women than it is for trans women; but I do agree with her when she says that we need our representative, you know?We need a straight man to stand up and say “yeah, I’m dating a trans woman” — like someone famous, a celebrity, something like that.I chatted with quite a few Bangkok ladyboys through this site.I was impressed that I got something like a 75% response rate to my interests on this site.

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I had seen attractive trans women in the news and the media and the internet, and I remember thinking “well she looks great!

It would be very encouraging, and I think it would help reduce the stigma.

But what happens is every time it’s found out that a straight guy is dating a trans woman, it’s like a big cover-up, like we gotta sweep this under the rug.

It really denied the concerns, because I’ve never had anybody say anything to me, as far as strangers go.

Now when friends found out about it, I got a lot of weird questions, like “how would you have sex?


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