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At the end of her character arc in Season 5, LC had tentatively made up with former BFF Heidi Montag, thanks to Heidi’s boyfriend Spencer Pratt’s telephone apology.In real life, Conrad later confessed that she actually “wasn’t on the other line” of Pratt’s phone call mea culpa.It’s been a decade since The Hills rocked our world, introducing a generation of viewers to fake jobs, real love, and Lauren Conrad.Through five seasons of Pratt family drama, Kristin Cavallari feuds, and sex tapes, the Laguna Beach alum taught us that while frenemies come and go, reality TV fame (and perfect hair) is forever.And without The Hills, which revealed America’s endless appetite for watching pretty people check their Black Berry’s and stare vacantly out the window at L. hotspots, how would we have been able to predict the runaway success of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a show on which two sisters eating salads constitutes a legitimate subplot?Suffice to say, every unemployed actress, fake intern, professional villain, and walking haircut with reality TV airtime on their résumé owes a debt of gratitude to LC and Kristin—not to mention Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, the Pratt siblings, Lo Bosworth, and even Whitney Port (let’s not talk about The City, though).

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She’s living happily ever after in a .4 million Pacific Palisades mansion with a waterslide.A handful of fabricated feuds and unwatchable Heidi-Spencer fights later, The Hills folded after six seasons.In its 10 years off the air, the reality TV trailblazer has continued to make its mark.Surprising absolutely no one who decorated their walls with pictures of Justin Bobby during the aughts, the lion-maned pseudo-celebrity is currently peddling his haircare line and operating salons in California, NYC, and Nicaragua.After a slew of acting gigs, Kristin Cavallari settled down and had three kids.After acknowledging that the beloved cast was “a group of people that would’ve met each other but maybe wouldn’t have been close friends,” LC explains that they all have a common dream: to share “the real story” with the world.


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