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’ of the answer itself, until my mother ran out of answers or patience…[But] explanations need not themselves be understood.

That is not the problem with offering “God did it” as an explanation.

The reason that the details of the Standard Model of Particle Physics are accepted as good explanations for quantum phenomena is because these explanations are plausible, they are extremely testable, they have strong consistency with background knowledge, they come from a tradition (natural science) with great explanatory success, they are relatively simple, they offer much predictive novelty, and they have strong explanatory scope.

It doesn’t that we have no explanation whatsoever for the explanations themselves. Ludwig Boltzmann explained heat by positing tiny, unobserved particles (which we now call atoms).

Or consider atheist philosopher of science Michael Friedman.

Notice that he assumes our explanations may not themselves be explained, but that explanations succeed in increasing our understanding of the world: [Consider] the old argument that science is incapable of explaining anything because the basic phenomena to which others are reduced are themselves neither explained nor understood.


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