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My intuition is that if used in the right non-derogatory context, it would not be derogatory in the least.Either way, "vulgar" is probably not a good description of this term. I guess with its complex inflection, commas are not needed & word order is free.--1.180 , 7 September 2017 (UTC) Text to translate: 떳다 그녀!! According to Wikipedia, that's the Korean name of There She Is!! --Daniel Carrero (talk) , 12 September 2017 (UTC) Matrikas (singular Matrika, Sanskrit: मातृका, IAST: mātṝkā, lit."divine mother")[2] also called Matar or Matri, are a group of mother goddesses who are always depicted together in Hinduism.I tried to open it with a foam bell but my jacket caught fire.Now I have to sleep in the hotel where there is no running water.To follow this tutorial you should first complete the first steps and the sentence formation and alphabet tutorials. Please reserve about 30 to 45 minutes per day for learning.

Consider it as "ṛāžil" but Moroccan doesn't have truly long vowels. if I find a word in my textbook or phrasebook I have trouble confirming it elsewhere.حاولت فتحه مع جرس رغوة ولكنها وضعت النار في سترة بلدي.الآن يجب أن أنام في الفندق حيث لا يوجد مياه الصنبور -- , 11 October 2017 (UTC) I had a serious accident because the front door of my car was blocked.Bažáju tobí bezpéčnoho ta švydkóho naródžennja tvohó maljuká ta baháto majbútnʹoho ščástja.― Ja taká ščaslýva za tébe, ščo tvojá mríja zbulásja.Western dialects have lots more differences form the standard and from each other and even inside country boundaries there seems to be a lot of varieties.--Anatoli T.


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