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The situation is desperate,' she wrote in the last blog published on her site days before she was killed.

In another entry last year, she wrote: 'Malta's public life is afflicted with dangerously unstable men with no principles or scruples.' Television reported that Caruana Galizia had filed a complaint to the police two weeks ago to say she had received threats.

Just before her death, Caruana Galizia, 53, had posted on her closely followed blog, Running Commentary, that there were 'crooks everywhere' in Malta.

The island nation has a reputation as a tax haven in the European Union and has attracted companies and money from outside Europe.

Investigators have 48 hours to question the suspects to decide whether to seek charges, in accordance with Maltese law.

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Our country deserves justice,' he said in a televised statement at the time, in which he called for national unity.

Malta has a population of 400,000 and is the European Union's smallest state.'Everyone knows Caruana Galizia was a harsh critic of mine, both politically and personally, but nobody can justify this barbaric act in any way,' Muscat said.

Pictures showed the burnt-out wreck of her car lying in a field metres from the road.

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who faced accusations of wrong-doing by Caruana Galizia earlier this year, denounced her killing, calling it a 'barbaric attack on press freedom'.'I will not rest until I see justice done in this case.


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