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I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule for talking about finances, but there are certainly two things that should never happen unless finances have been discussed.The first is co-mingling money and the second is putting yourself in a position where you may be held responsible if your partner’s finances are not in order.This means that decisions such as a joint major purchase or sharing an apartment should only be done after the money talk and better yet, a little time to make sure their financial habits are really long-term habits.

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(BPT) - The hardships of navigating winter roads aren’t made any easier when facing a flat tire.

In fact, for many Americans, fixing a flat remains a mystery. This is compounded by research saying there are 220 million flat tires annually — and each driver will experience up to five flat tires in their lifetime.

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When, if ever, is it appropriate to ask someone you are dating about their finances, including credit score and amount of debt?


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