Updating the server list dating for loners

-------------------- Update on open: If checked, the updater will start scanning for updates as soon as it is opened.

Everquest 2 Directory: The Everquest 2 directory is used so the updater knows where to download the files to.

You must set this file before you can check the box to enable it UI Directory: You can use this drop down menu to select the ui directory to download updates to.

When changed it will also modify your eq2file to use this directory as well(so that it will be the one used when eq2 is opened). Ask to overwrite "mainhud_map2.xml" If checked it will ask for confirmation to overwrite eq2ui_mainhud_map2

Info Path updates the cached version of a form template whenever a new version becomes available.

When users first open a form that is based on your form template, the underlying form template file is stored in a temporary location on their computers. Among other things, the cached location allows users who are offline to be able to work with a local copy of the form template.To change this file click the Browse Button to the right of the path/filename.Launch File 2: If checked, the updater will also launch this file when it autolaunches or when the open eq button is clicked.However, certain types of changes may prevent you from accessing the data in the completed forms that were based on the original form template.If you make a change to a form template that may result in data loss or errors in forms that have been filled out already, a message will appear.You will often see the message when you add new, required fields to a form template, or when you rename or remove fields or groups from the form template.


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