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I believe it gives those telling someone else’s news, a moment where they don’t have to think about their own misery, ugliness, vulnerability or pain. You have this difficult moment to reflect and teach. All involved will find a way to keep going forward. The victims in your case will be a little more financially secure at your expense and though that doesn’t fix the life long condition, it certainly makes life a little easier for them.Confessing an incurable disease is risky for anyone, but exposing it as a celebrity has to be the scariest thing ever. People pay money for that kind of news story, whether you’ve infected someone or not in today’s “sell a celebrity story to TMZ for a check” climate. We have to talk about it openly and do forums that help ease the stigma and that provide a way to share the news safely. You, Usher, have an opportunity, like Magic Johnson did back in the day with his HIV diagnosis, to make people aware of the disease and impact lives. Use it to be brave, to stand up and to create something meaningful. You and all involved will bounce back and keep living. Again, millions upon millions of people have it, who never were given money to ease the pain or shame or give them the means to buy medications, pay bills or take a vacation to clear their head.We have to have the conversation(s) about things that aren’t pleasant as well.It’s the only way to know if what you share is real. At the end of the day, this story will give way to the next big news story.Heads started springing up with accusations that they had contracted Herpes from this singer.Laura Helm went public after filing a million law suit, another man came up saying he met the Grammy winner at a spa and contracted the disease; yet another woman claimed that he gave her this same disease which caused her twins to be still born.

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I apologize that basic humanity is no longer present in this social media, disconnected world that we live in.

We have enough mess in our community to overcome, let’s not add to it by jumping on the popular mean-spirited bandwagon.

Usher, my sincere hope is that you will rise from this moment better than you were before, to care more about the people in your life, to protect women and to be open and honest.

We also have to do better at becoming caring human beings and not using these stories to bolster our own numbers(“likes”, “friends”), or to gain notoriety by furthering the pain.

The moral to the story is: if you have a disease and you don’t tell someone, you put them at risk, and they don’t get to decide on the act or relationship with all the facts. And this applies to every aspect of our dating lives, not just STD’s.


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