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'Crime and Punishment' - Linden and Tinker - make their only appearance!

Tom Wilkinson [ Askley Wilkes ], Jeremy Child [ Major Chatfield ], Jennie Linden [ Roz Chatfield ], Maggie Steed [ Joanna ], Simon Slater [ Whiteman ], Tim Killick [ Jenkins ], Belinda Carroll [ Rose ], Nicholas Day [ Alec Statham ], Judy Buxton [ Deborah Wyler ], Elizabeth Bennett [ Allison Jukes ], Geoffrey Beevers [ Alfred Mason ], Jane Cussons [ Annie ], John D.

Along the way he sets out to trap another con man that is selling forged paintings.

This is the first of three appearances by Anthony Jackson as Brian, the mechanic. Oliver Cotton [ Frobel (Bert) ], Yves Marie Maurin [ Vial ], Zienia Merton [ Miss Taylor ], Stewart Harwood [ Catesby ], Oscar Quitak [ Coin Dealer ], Mark Monero [ Woody ], David Caddick [ Auctioneer ], Imogen Claire [ Stall Holder ], Janine Gore [ Secretary ], Gary Owen [ American ] Dandy Jack, Bigelow, Amanda Lovejoy buys a Welsh dresser, in which is hidden a valuable Arab wedding headdress, festooned with gold ducats.

Collins [ Reg ], Michael O'Hagan [ Publican ], Gay Hamilton [ Susan Robinson ], Mary Maude [ Annabel ] Ashley Wilkes drives around the countryside painting pictures of delightful cottages, and seducing the female owners.

An army major hires Lovejoy to find Wilkes, so as to gain a commission, he says, but Lovejoy is suspicious.

Kean Kent [ Madelaine Gilbert ], Ronald Frazer [ Michael Edwards ], Edita Brychta [ Melanie Ford ], Phil Smeeton [ DS Armstrong ], Tenniel Evans [ James Ford ], Jack Chissack [ Antique Yard Owner ], John Labanowski [ Major Sullivan ], Francois D'Aubigny [ Adjutant Alain Bernard ] Madelaine Gilbert is an ex-movie star who wishes to sell some antiques, much to the delight of Tinker, who is a big fan.

She hires Lovejoy, but then her house is robbed just before the auction, and the robbery bares a striking similarity to a number of others in both England and France.


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