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In addition to all of the benefits conferred by these technologies, cyberspace is a growing forum for forms of control, abuse, harassment and stalking.

Are frequent texts just chatting and checking in, or are they an attempt to control?

Constant texts asking where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, what you are wearing, etc, are designed to limit social interactions and friendships outside of the dating relationship.

Boundaries and privacy: Though electronic forms of communication may seem more casual than talking in person, these forms of communication can be permanently recorded and have the same “real world” consequences.

In this page we use “dating” as an inclusive term covering the range of adolescent romantic relationships ranging from casual, episodic encounters to longer-term, committed relationships. TDV can include physical abuse—things like hitting, pushing, slapping, or strangling a dating partner.

It may also include emotional or verbal abuse, behaviors like name-calling or insults.


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